terms of sale


  1. Place your order using an ordering form which can be found on our website
  2. When ordering you will need to provide us with your correct address and phone number.
  3. Customers must be at least 18 years old ,if you are not at least 18 years of age,you will need your parents’ consent to place an order.
  4. If the personal data provided by you is incomplete, we will not process your order.
  5. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your order has been received. You must reply to that email and confirm your order within 3 business days after receiving it.
    If your order is not confirmed, your transaction will be cancelled.
  6. If the customer refuses to accept an item he or she ordered, we reserve the right to refuse any future orders from that person.The items offered by STUDIOBABA are unique, individually designed and sewn in limited quantities. We reserve the right to cancel or refuse any order
    If the item is sold out. If the item is not available for immediate purchase but might become available at a later date, we will notify you of that option and the wait time via email.
  7. Some of the clothing items can be custom-sized. Please contact us to discuss the details by clicking on "write to us" icon located on our homepage.


  Shipping will generally be processed within 7 business days after we receive a confirmation email from the customer.

  We only ship using the Polish Postal Service (Poczta Polska).

  The cost of priority package delivered to anywhere in Europe is 8 Euro (for one item ordered), or 14 Euro (if more than one).

  Deliveries are made during business days only (no weekend or holiday deliveries).

  All prices include Polish taxes. However, custom fees may apply when shipping outside of the European Union.

  Once you place an order, you will receive an order confirmation email stating your order number which you might need for future reference.

  Shipping outside of Europe requires a personal arrangement between STUDIOBABA and the customer.

claims and returns

  1.  If the delivered package is damaged or shows traces of mishandling, examine it in the presence of the delivery person, fill out a complaint form describing the damage, and refuse the delivery.
  2.  If our product does not meet your expectations, you can return it within 14 days of the date of receipt. 
  3.  Unworn merchandise including original packaging, price tags and accompanied by an original sales receipt may be retuned
  4.  Please fill out a return form which can be downloaded below:   
  5. Please return carefully wrapped merchandise and the return form to the following address :

           ul. Bohaterów Katynia 11
           42-208 CzÄ™stochowa
  6. Important: clothing that has been modified (size or color other than the one offered on our site) cannot be returned.
  7. We are not able to refund shipping charges. We do not accept COD returns. Your refund (minus the cost of shipping ) will be sent directly to your bank account within 7 business days from the date the package was received.When your return is incomplete (no form, no receipt) we will send it back to you at your cost.
  8.  If the item you purchased is damaged/ defective, we will gladly exchange it for a new one.If a given model/style is no longer available, we will refund you the amount you paid plus the shipping charges. The refund will be sent directly to your bank account.
  9.  If the merchandise has been damaged or altered by the customer and that there is no basis for a refund, we will send the merchandise back to the customer and will bill you the shipping charges.


  1. We value our customers and respect your privacy. We collect information about you in an effort to improve your shopping experience and to communicate with you about our products and services.
  2. Any information you provide when you contact us, is never shared with third parties. Your personal data, email address, phone number, street address, etc.  is not sold or shared with anyone.
  3. We may use your personal information in the following ways:

  To process and fulfill your order, including to send you emails to confirm your order status and shipment

  To communicate with you and to send you information about our products and services by email, postal mail, telephone, or other means.

  To enable you to participate in promotions and contests

  To process exchanges or product returns;

  To respond to requests or complaints.


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  1. After choosing the merchandise, click on the tab that will help you select the right size and color.  Add the merchandise to your cart after clicking on the tab that says <ADD TO CART>
  2. To order two pieces of the same merchandise, click <ADD TO CART> twice
  3. After choosing your merchandise, you may continue shopping by clicking<BACK TO PRODUCTS>  or complete your purchase by going to BAG
  4. After clicking BAG you will see the merchandise you are about to purchase and you may remove the merchandise you do not wish to purchase.
  5. Fill out the personal data sheet, and go to Click on the CONFIRMATION option to complete your transaction.
  6. After completing your transaction, you will receive an email with a link confirming your purchase.  The purchase needs to be confirmed within 3 business days.
  7. After we receive a confirmation from you, we will send you an email confirming your order which will also contain our bank account number and  your order number. When making your payment, you will be required to supply the order number.
  8. We will ship your order to the address provided on the form within 10 days of confirming your order.

Choosing your size



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